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Disputes January 2017


Practical effects on the possible unconstitutionality of the tax on the Electricity Generation Value


Introduction to Negotiation (VI): The Relationship and Communication


Legal newsletter

Employment December 2016


Does your company annually specify the targets to be entitled to the Bonus? Courts strengthen the employees’ right to be paid the Bonus by penalising the companies


The European Justice equals compensations payable upon expiration of permanent and fixed-term employment contracts. How can this ruling affect your company?



We attend the 8th "Congreso Nacional del Crédito" in Madrid, from November 16 to 17, 2016

Legal Breakfast

Breakfast-on “La Justicia europea iguala las indemnizaciones por extinción de contratos temporales e indefinidos. ¿Cómo puede afectar el fallo a su empresa?” in Madrid.

Employment, Events
Legal newsletter

Transactions October 2016


Cybersecurity Directive and Code - A step forward for security in the information society


Compensation for Termination of Distribution Agreements and Legal Consequences.


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