Legal newsletter

Legal Status - MAY 2023

Tax: Personal Income Tax news for business angels

Disputes: Multiple-property holders under the new housing law

Commercial: Preliminary draft law on structural modifications of trading companies in transposition of directive (EU) 2019/2121

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - APRIL 2023

Tax: Fight against tax haven

IP / Media: Artificial intelligence and intellectual property

Finance: Cryptocurrencies: capital gain in the sale

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - MARCH 2023

Energy: Changes in the processing of new renewable energy projects

Disputes: Legal actions for unfair competition

Commercial: New extension of the suspension of the cause for dissolution due to asset imbalance

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - FEBRUARY 2023

Employment: Planning of the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate for 2023: Intensification of actions for the control of compliance with effective equality

Media: First results following the implementation of the new Audiovisual Law

Energy: Measures to reinforce the protection of energy consumers and to reduction of natural gas consumption

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - DECEMBER 2022

Tax: Draft law of the general state budget for 2023

Litigation: Prospective increase in claims for annulment of personal guarantees in ICO credits

Commercial: Product labeling in Spain

International: Amendments to the inpatriates Regime - “Beckham Law”

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - OCTOBER 2022

Insolvency: New amendments to the insolvency law

Tax: Are financial expenses derived from a loan obtained to return funds to partners deductible?

Corporate: Approval of Law 18/2022, on the establishment and growth of companies

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - SEPTEMBER 2022

Energy: Grants approved for heating and cooling network projects using renewable energy sources

Tax: Relevant aspects on the exemption in the Personal Income Tax for work carried out abroad of administrators and directors

Mexico Desk: The new “Ley de la Memoria Democrática” (Democratic Memory Law) opens the option to access Spanish citizenship

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - JULY 2022

Disputes: News on the Right to the name and image of a famous deceased person

Employment: New foreign employment models in Spain, are PEO/EOR admissible?

Media: Sanction to a production company for using images recorded without consent

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - JUNE 2022

M&A: Rectification for hidden defects in M&A transactions

Tax: Can a subsidiary be a permanent establishment of Its parent company for purposes of value added Tax (VAT)?
Judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU of 7 April 2022- CASE BERLIN CHEMIE A. MENARINI SRL C-333/20

Employment: Are harassment protocols mandatory for all companies? Penalties for non-implementation

IP/Media: When is a consumer obliged to pay when ordering online?

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - APRIL 2022

Tax: A blow for EDAVs and their partners

Disputes: The division of Common Property

Employment: Fair dismissal of a remote working employee on the grounds of repeated offline status

Data Protection: The Supreme Court confirms the obligation of means over the obligation of result

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