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Legal Status - OCTOBER 2020

Employment: New regulatory framework for ERTEs (Temporary Redundancy Schemes).

Energy: Spain approves the “Hydrogen roadmap: a commitment to renewable hydrogen”.

Litigation: Legal action over the liability of company administrators.

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - SEPTEMBER 2020

Energía: The advance of renewables in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intellectual Property: The video game industry in Spain and its legal protection.

Procesal: Lifting the corporate veil.

Legal newsletter

Legal Status in Spain - JULY, 9 2020

Real Estate: Panorama of Real Estate investment in Spain in the “new normality” context.

Tourism : Package holiday cancellation claim.

Energía: Will Royal Decree Law 23/2020 of June 23 facilitate the end of speculation on electricity grid connection points?.

Legal newsletter

Legal Status in Spain - 19 JUN 2020

Energía: Climate Change and Energy Transition Law, the end of PPAs and the beginning of electric power auctions?

Litigation: Suspension of procedural time limits.


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