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Legal Status - JANUARY 2022

Compliance: Transparency in breach reporting in companies

Disputes: Corporate action for liability of the administrators

Energy: Approval of the PERTE for Renewable Energies, Hydrogen and Energy Storage, expected to mobilize 16,300 million euros and generate 280,000 jobs

Employment: Negotiation of the Equality Plan in companies without employees' legal representatives: Is it possible to set up an Ad Hoc employee committee?

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - DECEMBER 2021

Corporate / Commercial: New warranty periods for the sale and purchase of goods, digital content and services

Real Estate: The application of the Rebus sic stantibus clause has been enacted after almost two years since the start of COVID-19

International: Mexico becomes the leading Latin American investor in Spain

Legal Breakfast

Data Protection Webinar with Madrid Chamber of Commerce

Florencia Arrébola, an associate at Bartolome & Briones, and Raquel García Aguilar, legal director of GFT Group Spain, presented the webinar "Does your software comply with the requirements of the RGPD?” , held together with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. The key concepts for compliance with data protection regu...
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Legal Status - NOVEMBER 2021

Disputes: Know-how: regulation and legal defence

Education: Use of copyright-protected material in the education sector

Energy: Analysis of the result of the second renewable energy auction of October 2021

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Legal Status - SEPTEMBER 2021

Energy: The Ministry for Ecological Transition announces a new 3.300 MW wind and photovoltaic auction in October

Employment: Is the Equality Plan mandatory? Quantification of the number of employees and possible penalties

Media: Are users of online platforms solely responsible for the content they upload?

Corporate: Implementation of the Startups Law

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - JULY 2021

Corporate: Remote General Meetings. The new regulation of the Spanish Companies Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital) included by Law 5/2021, of April 12.

Disputes: Liability of the director of a company to the Public Administrations.

Tax: New developments in the Business Activity Tax for energy traders: the definitive solution?.

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - JUNE 2021

Employment: International remote working: reflection on the possible consequences of remote working in Spain.

Media: Non-Fungible Tokens and Copyright.

Energy: Law 7/2021 of 20 May on climate change and energy transition.

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