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Legal Status - OCTOBER 2022

Insolvency: New amendments to the insolvency law

Tax: Are financial expenses derived from a loan obtained to return funds to partners deductible?

Corporate: Approval of Law 18/2022, on the establishment and growth of companies

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - SEPTEMBER 2022

Energy: Grants approved for heating and cooling network projects using renewable energy sources

Tax: Relevant aspects on the exemption in the Personal Income Tax for work carried out abroad of administrators and directors

Mexico Desk: The new “Ley de la Memoria Democrática” (Democratic Memory Law) opens the option to access Spanish citizenship

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Legal Status - JULY 2022

Disputes: News on the Right to the name and image of a famous deceased person

Employment: New foreign employment models in Spain, are PEO/EOR admissible?

Media: Sanction to a production company for using images recorded without consent

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Legal Status - JUNE 2022

M&A: Rectification for hidden defects in M&A transactions

Tax: Can a subsidiary be a permanent establishment of Its parent company for purposes of value added Tax (VAT)?
Judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU of 7 April 2022- CASE BERLIN CHEMIE A. MENARINI SRL C-333/20

Employment: Are harassment protocols mandatory for all companies? Penalties for non-implementation

IP/Media: When is a consumer obliged to pay when ordering online?


American Bar Association

We are proud to sponsor the Annual Conference at the American Bar Association International Law Section in Washington DC this week.
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Legal Status - APRIL 2022

Tax: A blow for EDAVs and their partners

Disputes: The division of Common Property

Employment: Fair dismissal of a remote working employee on the grounds of repeated offline status

Data Protection: The Supreme Court confirms the obligation of means over the obligation of result



2021 was a record year for the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos [Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD)] and other European agencies in terms of sanctions. The Spanish control agency proposed nearly 50% more sanctions than in the previous year, thus exceeding €36 million in sanctions, an increase of 1000% compared to €3 millio...
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Legal Status - MARCH 2022

Corporate: Draft Law on the Creation and Growth of Companies

Tax: Analysis of the Start-up bill

Employment: Null and Void Dismissal. Scenarios where a company’s precautions must be increased

Legal newsletter

Legal Status - FEBRUARY 2022

Employment: Compensation systems: Stock Options, Long-term Incentive or Phantom shares

IP/Media: The emergence of the metaverse and its legal implications

Mexico Desk: Spain is the third largest destination for Mexican emigration, after the United States and Canada

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