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Intellectual Property / Media

Our Media, IP and Entertainment area advises companies in diverse sectors, such as film and television, digital platforms, content creation, video games, music, press, publishing, authors and literary agents.

We have extensive experience in Sale & Purchase operations for publishing, production, and content creation companies in Spain and Latin America. For all of them, intellectual property rights are their most valuable assets. Thus, we conduct an exhaustive analysis of trademarks, patents, copyrights, know-how, licenses, domains, privacy, and data protection as part of the Due Diligence process to detect and mitigate risks that may affect those assets.

We have ample experience in protecting all types of creations, which include musical and literary works, video games, publications, photographs, websites, software, in both traditional media and digital platforms.

We provide transversal advice to leading international companies within the entertainment and digital content distribution and marketing sectors on the implementation and commercialization of new digital models at a local level.

Our advice covers areas such as regulatory, contracts, advertising, trademarks, intellectual property, consumer compliance, and protection of minors, privacy and personal data, among others.

We also conduct a pre-publication analysis of content to avoid potential infringements of rights to honor, personal or family privacy, and/or one’s own image.


Advising on a Joint Venture between a leading editorial content marketing company and a leading technological company to distribute digital contents under new modalities.

Advising digital platform audiovisual content distributors on contractual, administrative, and regulatory matters, as well as on advertising and sponsorship, protection of consumers and minors, industrial and intellectual property, among others.

Advising a digital platform podcasts distributor on intellectual property, trademarks, advertising and sponsorship, contracts, e-commerce, consumers, and protection of minors.

Assisting in the obtention of authorizations and in license negotiations with different collective management bodies for content marketing and distribution.

Advising music publishing company on the acquisition of music catalogue.

Drafting of legal notices, terms of use and privacy policies for eSports.

Advising a leading video game developing company on IP matters.

Due Diligence for a world leading video game company for the launch of a video game application.

Negotiating and drafting contracts for software creation and maintenance, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, licensing, sharing and technology transfer.

Negotiating and drafting contracts for the production and distribution of online magazines, e-books, audiobooks, and hypermedia content.

Advising one of the top publishing groups in Spain on publishing agreements.

Reviewing and negotiating agency, distribution, and commission agreements for a leading software distribution company in Spain.

Advising press agencies on the necessary authorizations for the use of images of minors.

Reviewing editorial content or reports prior to publication to identify material potentially infringing rights to honor or privacy.

Representing authors, journalists, and publishers in right to honor or privacy infringement claims and in libel or slander lawsuits.

Analyzing the limitations of different means used in journalistic investigations and sources (secrecy of communications, hidden cameras, private documentation, correspondence, etc.)