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Media is part of our legal DNA in the Spanish market.

Bartolome & Briones is one of the leading Spanish firms in the sector, assisting multinational and Spanish groups in the Spanish and Latin American markets in the following areas:

  • Editorial
  • Press
  • Television
  • Music
  • Authors and Literary Agents
  • Digital Media
  • Film

We have extensive experience in operations for the purchase and sale of companies in Spain and Latin America. We offer advice on the creation of joint ventures in the field of digital content and music publishing contracts. We represent television networks in commissioning content, prior verification of content, and reports on the legality of the means used to obtain information.

We perform pre-publication analysis of editorial content for anything that may violate personal or family dignity and privacy and one’s own image.

We have extensive experience in commissioning digital content and negotiating contracts for the distribution thereof, as well as hosting contracts (cloud).


Advice on Joint Venture incorporation composed of a leading company in the publishing contents marketing sector and a leading company of the technological sector for the distribution of digital contents under new modalities.

Advice on the acquisition of musical catalogues and a musical edition company.

Advice on a Joint Venture incorporation composed of different leading companies in the publishing sector for the provision of digital logistics services.

Review of editorial and reports content before its publication, in order to identify if any contents are potentially violating the right to honor or privacy.

Representation of authors, journalists and publishers in claims regarding the infringement of the right to honor or privacy, as well as, in criminal suits for libel or slander.

Analysis and study of the limits of the different means used in the media investigation and their sources (secrecy of communications, hidden cameras, private documents, correspondence.)

Advice on the dispute arisen from the intellectual property rights of a deceased author.

Advice on a complaint against honour brought against the author of a work of issues relating to labour harassment.

Advice on the negotiation of digital contents distribution agreements.

Advice on the negotiation of audiobooks and hypermedia contents production and distribution agreements.

Advice on the negotiation of SaaS (Software as a service) distribution agreements.

Advice to a publishing group in the acquisition of a company in the same sector.

Advice to a TV channel as regards the search of owners of rights on a work for creating a TV series.

Advice to one of the principal publishing groups in Spain on publication agreements.

Advice on the use of hidden cameras for press investigation.

Advice to press agencies in relation to the necessary authorisations for the use of images of minors.

Advice on contracting of scriptwriters for TV series.

Review and negotiation of agency, distribution and commission agreements for a leading company of the software distribution sector in Spain.

Advice to the Spanish leader in biotechnology on its international operations.

Advice to a Portuguese group on the acquisition of two Spanish software development companies.