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We cover all legal issues that companies encounters in the labour relations.

Our Employment Department is specialised in providing wide-ranging advice on labour and Social Security matters to national and international companies of different industries and sizes, including a continuing labour advice, technical management in labour and administrative court proceedings, as well as management and administration of employees, in close collaboration with the rest of the Departments of our Firm. Our working philosophy is to offer diligent and efficient solutions to the client through the experience and capabilities of our professionals in the Employment Area, particularly in such an active and dynamic area as the labour relations world is, so that our main feature is the availability and guidance to the client, understanding that each problem requires a tailored solution.

The specialty of the legal-labour regulations in their different scopes and their constant modifications requires a careful, accurate and dynamic advice that allows companies benefiting from the opportunities that such reforms have implied in the labour relations scope. Our main target is giving advice to allow our clients optimizing and planning their labour costs simultaneously to increasing flexibility of labour relations so that we may create value for the company and reduce its labour risks.

Our professionals in the Employment Area are specifically experienced in such area, actively participating in professional update and retraining in order to be permanently updated and offer innovating solutions.

Furthermore, in Bartolome & Briones we represent and defend the interests of Senior Executives and CEO both in the negotiation and drafting of Senior Management and CEO employment agreements, as well as Management commercial agreements, with broad professional experience in conflicts resulting from such qualified relations. For this reason, it is critical to have an appropriate legal guidance on this subject for a correct appraisal and planning of the different scenarios and the personal liabilities that such positions may imply for the Executive or CEO. Finally, we give advice to employees and/or groups of employees in any individual and/or collective conflicts, as well as regarding the Social Security Administrations (penalties, dismissals, material modifications of the working conditions, workforce adjustment procedures, surcharge for omission of health and safety measures, social benefits, among other).

To the extent that our Lawyers in the Employment Department have broad experience in labour litigation and we often represent our clients before the Labour Courts, we can guide the client to resolve any conflict through alternative dispute resolution methods.

Additionally, we are broadly specialised in recurrent labour advice to companies of different sectors, thus becoming a support for the Human Resources Departments. In this regard, our working methodology starts from the premise to understand and be acquainted with the industry of the company, as well as its working philosophy to be able to offer value to the client through our advice.

Immigration: Finally, our Firm has specialised professionals on aliens, so that we can offer a quality service both advising the businesses in the contracting of foreign executives and employees and investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals and researchers, their family members and the procedures for the relevant residence permits and/or work or Spanish nationality before the competent authorities. Our goal is to offer our clients a personal treatment, appropriate to their personal and professional circumstances, which results in high satisfaction and always improving quality.

The Employment Department offers the experience and legal support that allows our clients taking the most appropriate decision in the different business scenarios, such as:

  • Legal-labour advice.
  • Immigration.
  • Special labour relations (Senior Management) and CEO.
  • Businesses and workforce restructuring. Workforce adjustment plans. Dismissals.
  • Remuneration and tax optimisation/cost reduction policies.
  • Labour relations flexibility measures. Functional and geographical mobility (movements/transfers). Material modification of labour conditions.
  • Collective agreements and collective negotiation.
  • Business policies and/or regulations. Codes of conduct.
  • New technologies and involvement in labour relations.
  • Labour due diligence.
  • Advice on actions by the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate. Appearing and appeals against penalties of the Labour Inspectorate.
  • Proceedings of surcharge for omission of safety and health measures.
  • Labour and/or contentious court proceedings.


Advice to one of the major European energetic group on the collective procedure of material modification of the working conditions after a subrogation process due to internationalisation of the O&M Agreement.

Advice to a leading multinational company of the real estate industry on the separation process of a Senior Executive from the Spanish Subsidiary

Advice to a multinational company of the TIC sector on a workforce adjustment plan of termination of all employees of the subsidiary in Spain.

Advice to a multinational company of the leisure industry for the closing of the subsidiary in Spain.

Advice to a national company of the TIC industry on a restructuring collective process and modification of working relations.

Advice to a CEO of an Ibex 35 company on the negotiation of his management service agreement.

Advice on the outsourcing process of the administration and technology area of a TIC industry company.

Collective conflict process due to the outsourcing of the cleaning service in a hotel chain with international establishment.

Advice on the outsourcing process of the logistics activity of a TIC industry company.

Advice to executives of Latin America and US on the procedures of the investment visa for acquisition of real estate assets in Spain.

Advising the buyer on the acquisition of a production unit intended for the manufacture of cheeses. Legal due diligence and advice on the buying and selling, subrogation of employees and subrogation in the mortgage of the premises

Advising on the acquisition of a publishing business through global assignment of assets and liabilities as well as the staff transfer from the assignor to the assignee